El Medano 2020 day 4: Unexpected still good sailing
Wave Clinic with Colin Dixon, day 3.
Had to skip the day before did not feel 100%.
Today the wind would decrease quickly, so started at 10:00 at TWS and then quickly on to the water.

Fanatic Blast 115 Ltd with Duotone E-Pace 7.3
Stepping up and planning, immediately ran well, the 38cm fin even felt a bit big. Unfortunately it was 1 run back and forth and then it was done, again bobbed back and forth,

Wind dead away, but she still wanted to practice some light weather tack, heli-tack and jibes. So we took big boards and small sails.
Goya Surf 220 with Flight Zorro 5.6. That large board is very stable: like an aircraft carrier with the option for a 2nd baseplate on the nose.
After instruction by Colin we practiced the footwork of tack on small board. That's easy and difficult on z'n large board. Tack is easy, but to do it right and stay on the middle of the board is tricky. You are often standing in a position that can't be done on a small board.
After an hour it was time for lunch.

After lunch there was more wind, so time for a big wave set.
JP FreestyleWave 113 Pro with Goya Banzai Pro 6.3
Trying to focus on tacking was tricky because you really want to jibe if you are planing nicely and getting upwind enough. About half of the attempts succeeded: good start.

Among other things, we've had a single race out and back. I couldn't keep up with the freerace boards. But sitting close behind ithem, with a Wave Thruster and the smallest sail.

Goya Valor 115 Pro with Goya Nexus 6.9
Sailed colin's set shortly. Was afraid that the board would be too big, but went very well, was even a lot faster than I expected. Sail felt quite stable, for a camberless sail. Only Colin's 34 inch harness lines and huge foot straps. Not my thing, but with a freeride I could cope with it.

Severne Fox 120 with Duotone E-Pace 7.3
Also used the set of one of the other participants. Luke suggested to try the Severne Fox because it's also very fast. He was right. Get out and speeding. Feels almost like an iSonic, lots of control and fast.

JP FreestyleWave 113 Pro with Goya Banzai Pro 6.3
After testing the other sets, sailed the JP again. Nice freemove board, a few times tried to waveride, but that wasn't easy.

Lesson 3: Short-board tacks: 1 hand to the mast while you're still hooked in the harnesslines. And practice a lot to make the movement an automatism.

Fun and above all very educational day. Think I'm going to master that short-board tack, although I'm going to have to make sure I keep practicing it.

El Medano - Playa Sur

10:30 0.25 hour Wind:
Board: Fanatic Blast 115 Ltd
Sail: Duotone E-Pace 7.3 - North Platinum 160-220
  Sailed with the original 38cm fin
Sailing wonderfully, but wind was gone too quickly.
11:30 1 hour Wind: E
Board: Goya Surf 220
Sail: Flight Zorro 5.6 - North Platinum 140-190
  Light weather tack training. Also a little waveriding with the big boat. Ideal set for practicing new techniques: sturdy heavy big boat.
15:00 1 hour Wind: E
Board: JP FSW 113 Pro
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 6.3 - North Platinum 140-190
  Sailed with the original fins: 29cm/10cm
Worked very fine and familiar. Planes easily and is relative quick. I find the MUF style fin a bit too stiff.Tthere were no waves, so nothing to ride.
16:00 0.25 hour Wind: E
Board: Goya Valor 115
Sail: Goya Nexus Pro 6.9 - North Platinum 160-220
  Sailed with the original fin.
Trim wasn't very good, boom was too low. The Valor is pretty fast for a freeride board. Jibes were also very easy. Advantage of the inboard foot straps: I was automatically in the foot bands after the jibe.
A did one run with someone with a Severne Mach 3, which didn't get very far ahead.
16:15 0.25 hour Wind: E
Board: Severne Fox 120
Sail: Duotone E-Pace 7.3 - North Platinum 160-220
  Sailed with the original fin.
Another set borrowed, trim wasn't perfect, harnesslines were to far in front and front foot straps a little too big. Fast board, almost feels like an iSonic.