El Medano 2020 day 8: Decreasing wind, just a short session.
After yesterday, I really needed to recover. So we woke up late and took it easy in the morning, aiming to go surfing in the afternoon and then until about 3 hour clock before it would really be high tide.

Fanatic Grip 102 with Goya Banzai 5.7
Get up and plane directly. Clearly the right choice. Just moved the harness lines a bit and set was perfect. On the inside there were quite some nice waves. It was a lot quieter on the water than yesterday. With the right gust I could try to ride down-the-line. That worked twice, especially the first one went very well: bottom turn, cutback, upwind, backside hit. Towards the cutback the sail was not standing perfect, arm of my masthand was stretched, and the cutback not perfect, hands not together, but very much better than it has ever been.

Goya One 3 - 105 with Goya Banzai 5.7
The One 3 clearly planes easier than the Grip 102: Freewave vs Wave. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a wave on the inside during a gust, so it was not possible to play with the waves. When I could hardly planing anymore, I switch to the upper outhaul eye of the Banzai, which gives a lot more power, and I could get planing, even if it was short-lived because the wind quickly decreased.

Sailed until the 5.7 was too small and the sun also simultaneously disappeared behind the clouds.
Unfortunately a bit short, but was nice. Managed to do two very nice wave rides.

El Medano - Playa Sur

12:30 0.75 hour Wind:
Board: Fanatic Grip 102 TE
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 5.7 - North Platinum 160-220
  Sailed with the original fins: MFC 19/12cm
Sail is nice: stable and good wind range. Board has a slightly too broad stance to my liking, but I think it could be perfect by putting the foot straps closer together. Very nice board in the waves. Very easy to ride down-the-line on small waves.
13:15 0.75 hour Wind: 10/20 kts
Board: Goya One 3 Pro 105
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 5.7
  Sailed with the original MFC fins: 23/11cm
It was easy to become friends with the Goya One 3. It's a real freewave. Plans easily, sails better crosswind and jumps easily, but turns slightly less thight, and a little smooth on choppy water. Unfortunately the wind decreased, with the top outhaul eye of the Banzi I could still make a few run, the upper eye make a big difference.