Beginning of Storm Francis
Next night, Storm Francis will come over. In the evening, the wind would turn from SSE to SW and increase considerably in strength. It's a good time to go surfing.

On arrival the wind was still south, so not yet turned and therefore had not yet increased.

JP FSW 84 with Banzai 4.2 and Freewave 21/makani 10cm
At first just too small, sail completely at minimum trim, could only plane in the gusts. On the beach with the wind over the dam certainly no wind. Away from the beach it was a lot better so stayed long time far out on the water. Until the wind got better, then sailed closer to the beach. Wind turned slowly and slowly increased.
Inward there were lots of nice waves to play and waveride, especially back-side wave riding was great, some runs almost al the way in: back to back wave riding from wave to wave.
Going out, the waves were also getting more beautiful and higher, some nice high jumps. Slowly, the sail became too big, so trimmed the sail more and more.
Sailed until sailing became surviving, tried another run, but was really not safe anymore. After 2 hours of all out sailing, the body was also empty.

Wind turned later than predicted, but the wind came through later.
Sun came out nicely, was over an hour of wonderful surfing, before that it was still a bit on/off. Later it was more surviving, 3.7 would certainly have been better at the end, but it was going to get dark soon and the wind also increased so quickly that when I stopped everyone quickly stopped. Cees told me that even 3.2 was now impossible.
Lovely evening, was often really perfect, very nice waves. Certainly not the chaotic waves we can have at high tide.


17:45 2.25 hour Wind: S/SW 20/40 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro - MFC Freewave (06) 21cm/Makani Walu 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 4.2 - Goya Ninety Pro 370 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  Set worked very very well most of the time. In the begin under minimum trim, but could plan early. Later the wind increased considerably until it was really too much for the sail, well over maximum trim still only possible in survival mode. Range of banzai using upper and lower eye is incredible. Fins worked very good in the minimal wind well, but in the strong wind they were a bit too large, too easy to get upwind. Jumping was good, back-side waveriding went very well, tried front-side a few times, but that didn't work out.