Gusty afternoon at Kabbelaarsbank
All weekend wind, all weekend S to even SSO. Not the best direction, Saturday 15 to 20 knots, Sunday 25 to 40 knots. Saturday dry and chance of sun, Sunday of a lot of rain predicted. Even if it were less windy, it would be nicer.

iSonic 117 with S-Type SL 7.3 and SL-X 41cm
Bobbing and planning, wind quite gusty, maybe the 7.3 too small. With a gust, couple of pumps and I was planing. Set was running upwind and free, so fin wasn't too small. But there was a lot of floating.
I did not park in a convenient place, near the wind vane, in the large bay the wind was gusty and fell away a lot, further out on the open water everyone seemed to plane all the time. So needed to get upwind to the open water. Practiced a lot of short board tacks. Went really really well, 9 out of 10 attempts went well. Much better to get upwind by tacking instead of jibing. Once on the open water it was really a whole lot better. Only out back, behind the island it was clearly less. Sailed a lots of long runs. Water in the deep was very rough, behind the bank clearly flatter. Set ran really well, also or the trickier chop.

Wind was SSO, so yes, gusty, but it was not cold, dry and often some sun. Lovely sailing. Impressed by the SL-X 41cm.


13:00 2.75 hour Wind: S
Board: Starboard iSonic 117 - Sonntag SL-X 41cm
Sail: North S-Type SL 7.3 - North Platinum(13) 460 - AL360 E3 Carbon 200-260
  Used the SL-X 41 instead of the 43 I usually take, the 43 was out for repairs. Set worked really, really well. Sail fairly minimally trimmed. With the 41cm I could still get upwind and set also ran freely, even in less strong wind. Speed and control pretty good, but did not sail much against real slalom sets. Planing jibes often went well. A lot of tack trained, almost always went well. Very impressed with the SL-X 41cm, work really really good.