Rain and disappointing wind
30 to 40 knots SW wind forecasted, turning from South to SW and decreasing after 14:00. Unfortunately also a lot of rain
Upon arrival, most surfers appeared to sail with 4.2 to 4.5. Looking at the predictions, I expected 3.7s.
Wind was also still south, and should turn to SW. There was already a lot of wind at sea, but due to the direction the wind was disappointing on the Brouwersdam. If the wind were to turn, the wind could really become a lot better.

Banzai 4.2 with Slate 96 and MFC 20/12cm fins
I had expected to finally be able to sail with the Goya 81, wind was a bit disappointing so I started with the Slate 96. Nice moment to test whether the 4.2 and the Slate 96 is possible.
Wind was really disappointing. With some pumping in a gust some downwind sailing, I often could get planing. Heading back to the beach it was even easier by using the waves.
Going out, planing, the board jumps easily over every wrinkle on the water. Going in, if I could find a wave, I could do some wonderful back-side hits.
Unfortunately, the wind never really came through. That's why I could never really test the Slate 96 in good 4.2 wind.
Wind eased a bit and turned to the south, making the wind more gusty. After 2.5 hours of sailing, the battery was also empty.

Quite nice sailing, despite the gusty wind and all that rain. Sailed with cap and gloves, but not really cold yet.
The Wave Slate 96 certainly didn't feel too big, although I never really had much power.


11:45 2.5 hour Wind: S/SW
Board: JP Wave Slate 96 Pro - MFC TF RTM 20cm/MFC TF 2x12cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 4.2 - Goya Ninety Pro 370 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Wind minimum, sail on minimum trim. In a gust I could get planing. Almost never really full power. 4.2 on a 96 liter board: I would never have done this before. Set worked very well. I could even plane with minimal wind and even go upwind well if I did my best. A little more wind and the board wend upwind very well. Maybe too well. Control was always good. Board jumps very easily. Unfortunately not many waves. But the few I found made it clear that this is a fun board to play with in the waves. Waves too low for front-side riding.