Storm Pia was a bit disappointing
First day of my Christmas holidays, 11 degrees and wind force 7 predicted: Storm Pia.
Good chance to test my new K4 Scorcher set.

Banzai 3.7 on the Goya 81 with K4 Scorcher 20/10cm thruster set
Directly planing from the beach. A few runs to find the right trim.
Wind was onshore, so jumping over both sides was possible, but wave riding more difficult.
Couple of very very nice high floating jumps. Wave riding wasn't the best: only a few steep waves.
Unfortunately, the wind direction changed earlier than predicted and wind also decreased quickly. At the end, it was mostly bobbing.

I found Pia disappointing this afternoon, 3.7 with minimum trim was just too small at the end.
Temperature was not disappointing, sailed without gloves. Had no rain. Even a short bit of sunshine.


Present: Gert-Jan, Ronny

13:15 1.5 hour Wind: W 30/40 kts
Board: Goya Custom Thruster 81 - K4 Scorcher 20cm/K4 Scorcher 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 3.7 - Hot Ultra 340 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  First time with my new K4 Scorcher thruster set.
Never really full-power. In the beginning it was often well powered. Later, the wind subsided and at the end it was mostly bobbing.
Trim was quickly found. Center fin all the way in the back. Fins seem to give quite a bit of rest, enough control and also good upwind.
In lesser winds I did not loose too much ground.