Sunny winter day at sea
20 to 40 knots wind predicted. In the morning it was clear that after heavy rain around 11:00 the wind would become more stable after the rain.
On arrival, the rain was just gone and the sun started to shine. Wind had just decreased considerably, so the surfers who were already wren on the side.

For a bit more float, took the larger board:
JP SingleThruster 99 with Ice 4.7 and Select 21cm/K4 12cm fins
As always: near shore less wind, but once furter out I could plane. Small wave: jump: BAM! Hard catpult in the air. Okay, not best start of the day, fortunately nothing broken.
More downhaul and outhaul and set worked better. Some nice waves to play with, but not really much. After a break to eat a snack, the wind was less. With, in the end, less than minimum trim, I could almost always plane. However, often minimal and getting upwind was trickier. Still sometimes I could ride a wave.

First real winter session of the season. With a clear blue sky it wasn't cold, wind was good. Nice few hours of sailing.


12:00 2 hour Wind: W/SW 21/30 kts
Board: JP Single Thruster 99 Pro - Select X1 21cm/K4 Ezzy Asymmetric 2x12cm
Sail: North Ice 4.7 - North Platinum 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  In the beginning sometimes a bit big, but wind decreased and last hour was really minimal. Sail less then minimum trim. But once planing, I was able to plane for a long time. With the minimum wind the fins were too small to get upwind easily.