January is going to be a good month for surfing

Friday 14 January 2011

(machine translated in 2018) I actually quite normal surf through the winter. Me border is at a degree or 8. Usually I search a safe place on as Kabbelaarsbank. Shallow water and in changing clothes in the winter is a good idea. Unfortunately, the past 2 winters so severe that soon a month or 3 not at all could be surfed. This year came at the end of November the winter fast and rigorous, with Saint Nicholas was all a pack of snow. I was afraid that we would get a harsh winter again, and so again for months could not be surfed. Happy last weekend all had a great day. But the hduige's prediction for next weekend is I really totally happy! Both days ZW wind predicts, both days warmer than 8 degrees and Sunday even a charm. I've been looking forward to it.