Slalom board and sailing test 2014

Thursday 14 August 2014

(machine translated in 2018) The English Windsurf magazine has put new test online. This time 2014 Slalom boards and sailing.
They have slalom board around the 115 litres tested.

They have for testing looked at Volumes while they could have better boards on width.
Now the iSonic 117 with 80 cm wide tested against boards of 68 cm wide, the iSonic 107 had better due. Yet the iSonic one of the Favorites in the test.
Fanatic Falcon 110
JP Slalom Pro 68
RRD X-Fire 114
Tabout Manta 71
Starboard iSonic 117

They also have a test with 7.8 m2 slalom sailing.
I do not understand at all why the Pryde RS: Slalom is tested instead of the RS: Racing.

Gaastra Vapor 7.9
Neil Pryde RS: Slalom MKIV 7.8
North Sails Warp 7.8 F2014
Point-7 AC-1 7.8
RRD Fire 7.8
Simmer SCR 7.8
Severne Reflex 5 7.8