A storm is coming to the Netherlands this weekend: surfing!

Thursday 03 February 2011

(machine translated in 2018) The prediction for next weekend is a degree or 8 a 10, warm enough for me to surf. Fortunately, there are also wind predicted: Unfortunately there is currently even a storm forecast. T/m 8 Beaufort I could surf, but more the more survive and often much swimming. And in addition to this, the wind-chill things also count. So it is also very cold to feel ....<br><br>I doubt a little if I have to go boating on Saturday.<br>If dangers is then it will be Kabbelaarsbank. There you can sail with South West so that you always surf in am deep water, there is a heated dressing room with a hot shower.<br><br>Sunday there is less wind voospeld, but the same temperature. So Sunday it will surely be a fine day.<br><br>I'm going to keep an eye on the forecast. Hopefully the wind slightly less than predicted, it will enjoy this coming weekend.<br>