Peter Volwater past away

Tuesday 30 June 2015

(machine translated in 2018) Just heard, Peter Volwater is deceased.<br>Peter Volwater, H-24, of my birth year, so much too young.<br>A great All-round surfer who as one of the few in many different disciplines, very successful games has dangers. Slalom, Wave, Freestyle, Super-X, he could do it all!<br><br>RIP Peter.<br><br>Have a tarp of Peter bought years ago. Were looking for a small slalom sailing, hard to find at that time. There was a 5.9 in Hawaii, a Arrows T-Force, which was of him, he has taken him for me. What turned out to be, no stickers, no, his name and sail number were printed on the sail!! What a hero you are if you sponsor that does for you!!<br><br>Peters old Arrows T-Force 5.9<br><img alt= alt=""></img alt=>