Broken jaws, not a good beginning of the 2018 season

Sunday 11 March 2018

Bad luck, fall at home. Full face forward on the ground: blood and pain everywhere.
Directly to the hospital. There they found the upper and lower jaw broken in multiple places. Missing a teeth, some teeth lose, nose broken.
I had to stay in the hospital, ended up staying there for 3 nights.
Operation lasted long: 3 hours. Damage turned out to be worse than in the x-rays: Docter placed 6 plates in the upper jaw, 2 in the lower yaw. They have given me braches, to install rubberbands to lock the lower jaw in place.
Temporomandibular joint is broken, this can only heal with rest and no movement. That is way had to lock down the lower jaw. The rubberbands will remain in for 2 to 5 weeks, and then after taht another few weeks recovery.
Then it is time for the dentist, minimum 1 crown, but there may be more, because there also seem to be some cracks in molars, of which it is still unclear what will happen in the long run.
As long as the lower jaw is fixated I can only consume liquid food, not so much fun.
For the time being, I cannot do any sports, no windsurfing, no exercises, no cycling. Especially with the fixed jaw can hardly open my mouth so not so much air.
I hope to do some low impact exercises as soon as possible, to ensure that the muscles do not weaken too much.

Season 2018 did not start well, hopefully I will still be able to compete after the summer holidays.