New windsurfing website finally live

Saterday 02 December 2023

In the background I have been working for years to create a modern version of my windsurfing website. A website that works well on mobile phones.

The old one was almost 20 years old and didn't work on phones and tablets with smaller screens and touch screens.

First attempt was a PHP page with bootstrap to make it responsive. However, I had started doing more and more with Java for work, so I started working on a version in Java based on templates. I thought the progress was too slow. In the end I started to create a new windsurfing page based on my existing NED-118 website, so actually attempt 3. It is now it's in a state where it could go online.

The website is now also bilingual, so in addition to Dutch, English is now also available. URLS are modern and should be clearer to the users.

There are still many things I want to do. Slowly I will add and improve things. In the end, I always have more ideas than I have time, so it will never be really finished.