No wind: time for maintenance of my surfing gear

Sunday 25 September 2011

(machine translated in 2018) After weeks and weekends wind was the prediction for this weekend and the forecast for the next week wind silent. So finally time to my surfing gear clean and small chores to do that are long.<br><br><strong>Variable Trim Outhaul Systems</strong><br>Both my booms have a trim outhaul system, I always had an elastic band along the front edge of the boom down to tense strings. Look, this works pretty good, but with rigging and with minimal trim pull the outhaul to the eleastiek, even if you don't want to. I saw more and more surfers without elastic, after some questions decided to check out to go try that. Now I had finally time to that neat. I'm curious.<br><br><strong>C3 Fins make only</strong><br>I just bought 3 C3 fins, old carbon custom door Boogie itself. The base paste, of course not, so again to make them only an hour barns. Also had another Deboichet 38 cm lying around that did not fit, so that also made equal.<br><br><strong>Surfkar clean up</strong><br>After weeks surfing was not junk and clutter-free stuff everywhere in the cart, so much stuff out there, little cleanup and sweeping. Can I be again.<br><br><strong>Viper Race only make</strong><br>I had a very nice Viper Race 460 bought, but the link was so tight that I don't even completely got the mast. And if I put it too far to hustle I got it. Easy to solve by carefully sanding the can of the base slightly thinner, becoming fit until it fits nicely. So, now I can just use the mast. I heard that the diameter of the Viper a bit thicker than the Platinum (newer mast) is, so here is measured, and indeed, from the drop-shape to bov, and the link is the Platinum 4 to 5 mm thinner than the Viper. I still need to go try in which sailing this mast fits well. Might be a good alternative to my Warp 8.0. Then I direct some more camber pressure.<br><br><strong>North Power XTR maintenance</strong><br>Yea, and it also always have North Power XTRs maintenance. Just rinse well, all the salt off, check strings. Have a war becoming a screw of los. Hopefully I made him well now.<br><br>Now another Unifiber boom repair and then everything is done again. Let the wind again but.<br><br>