Additional events for the South by Regiocup ZW7

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Good News!

There are 11 RegioCup events planned this year!

I thought that ZW7 (My windsurfing club) would not be organizing any Regiocups (Southern Regional Championship) this year. Normally there are only about 6 to 8 days planned. Because the first news from WWT (The other organiser) that they had 6 events planned, it thought that that was it for this year. But today I got an e-mail from our chairman anouncing the 5 race they have planned at Veerse Meer: De Schotsman. That makes for a total of 11 planned races for the Regiocup.

22-04-2012 Regiocupzuid/ZW7 Schotsman
20-05-2012 Regiocupzuid/ZW7 Schotsman
24-06-2012 Regiocupzuid/ZW7 Schotsman
23-09-2012 Regiocupzuid/ZW7 Schotsman
14-10-2012 Regiocupzuid/ZW7 Schotsman
On 23 September I will be part of the Racing Committee, my first time.

Because I will be racing in the Goldfleet for the first time, that means I'm up against very strong competition, very small change for me to finish any race first. My strategy for getting a good year ranking will be to try to finish every heat raced this year. There are always surfers missing an event for some reason, loosing a lot of points that way.

It's currently freezing here in the Netherlands, but I hope tempetures will be rising again soon. I cannot wait to get back onto the water. I look forward to this years competition.

Update: Seems there is a dispute between ZW7 and WWT, there will not be one series with 11 events, but there will be 2 seperate events, too bad.