Final locations for the 2012 Dutch Championship: Lelystad and Almere

Thursday 08 March 2012

It took a lot longer then normally, but finally all dates and locations for the NK (Dutch Championship) are known. Almere and Lelystad have been added. Making the agenda for the NK 2012:

  • 14/15 April: Lelystad
  • 5/6 May: Brouwersdam
  • 30 June/1 July: Grevelingendam
  • 22/23 September: Almere
  • 13/14 October: Esonstad (Lauwersmeer)
I hope we have a couple of days with a good wind prediction so we can sail Slalom. I really like to take part this year, but don't have Formula equipment so with low wind I cannot compete.

Its going to be a busy year, I have 22 events (29 days) in my agenda, 6 days of competition training, 35 days in total, makes for a very busy season. Even if only 1 out of 3 is going to be sailed it is still a busy year. Lets hope the wind and temperature picks up a little bit so I can get back unto the water for much needed training and pratice.