Windsurf Wave Board Naish Hybrid Freewave 85 from 2005
Wave Board
Year 2005
Volume 85 L
Range 4,0 - 5,8
Width 59 cm
Length 214 cm
Weight 6,0 kg
Finbox US-Box
Materials Duralight Carbon Kevlar Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
I bought this shelf in August 2007 from Surfshop Keppler. In September we go on holiday with a small camper to England or France and the Hybrid was the only board I could take more on holiday. I could have rented in England, but then you also pay more than 100 euros quickly for an afternoon. I could buy this one for a nice price, with the idea to sell it again after the holiday.

The board is really short, 214cm, and you can see that when you step on it. With little wind, you can't even get your front foot against the mast foot because the nose will immediately go underwater.
But once in Plane, the short nose runs high above the waves and never really gets stuck in a wave.

If you look closely at the board, you can already see the Tail rocker even with the naked eye. And with after measuring I came to 14mm, certainly notFast-Tail Freestyle Waveboard, And you'll notice.
With little wind,Duke 5.9and the Select X1 26cm we seem very nervous and I was afraid that almost overpowered sailing would be truly impossible. But to 2 hours with my Ice 4.7I know better. The fat tail-rocker gave you all the control. Speed isn't very high, but that's okay. It rotates short, tight and reliable, where the JP FreestyleWavevery easy to slide (also nice) this Hybrid Wave goes like on a rails. And that in combination with short turning makes golfing very nice.

Foot straps
Those Naish foot straps are very nice, and very adjustable, even the width is adjustable And that's the first time I've seen that. Only they are super hard and stiff, I really didn't like them. Have there temporarily the Da Kine Pro Contours of my JP Wave 255set up, and that makes a world of difference. The board now seems much easier to sail.

After sailing on it twice, it was decided to JP FreestyleWave to keep it. The earlier planning is his big advantage.
After two months on the market, it was sold.

myDuke 5.9actually puts just out of range.
But I think with a bigger fin I'd be with it anyway. must be able to sail.
The fins of myJP Wave 255do not fit on this board. The vinbox of theJpis too wide and it is too narrow for standard size US-Box fins.

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