Windsurf Freeride Board Fanatic Ultra Rabbit   from 1992
Freeride Board
Year 1992
Volume 124 L
Range 5,5 - 8,5
Width 65 cm
Length 298 cm
Weight 10,5 kg
Finbox Trimbox
Materials Honeycomb Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
This shelf my father bought from Ferry, a friend, complete with 2 sails etc. Ferry bought the shelf new at the time. Ferry had used it hardly and so we got it in almost new condition.

Because the Rabbit is so wide, especially for his time. He was very stable on the water and planned very quickly. Due to the multiple concaves at the bottom, the top alone was not very high. The foot tires, as with a real slalomboard, were on the shelf which is annoying for your ankles when you have a race posture on the board.

I sold this shelf after purchasing my newFanatic Bee 124Ltd.I have always liked to sail on this shelf, really recommended for a beginner who wants to switch to a plank without a sword. If you want to buy a 2nd hand, pay attention to the nose, the Honeycomb layer just below the outer layer is so hard and strong that it sometimes wants to tear apart, this is almost impossible to repair. This layer also ensures that the board lasts a very long time and can have a lot.

After I haveFanatic Bee124LtdI bought this board to Anton vanWXT

I sailed this board with sails up to 5.5. Smaller sailing and possibly mine5.5I sailed on myStarlit.

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