Windsurf Wave Board F2 Starlit   from 1991
Wave Board
Year 1991
Volume 88 L
Range 4,0 - 5,5
Width 57 cm
Length 257 cm
Weight 8,3 kg
Finbox US-Box
Materials Aramid Carbon Composite
(machine translated in 2021) origin
My first shelf of my own. I bought this shelf in 1994 fromHart Beach Shopin sheaths. The Plank was already fairly used at that time: the mast rail already had a lot of dents at that time.

The Starlit is a fairly wide wave board, makes it very stable in the corners. It is quite heavy for its length, but it is therefore very strong built. And the extra weight gives a little more control with a lot of wind (7 beaufort or more). A modern, light shelf is quickly lifted due to its very low weight and then the control really becomes much less.Mastrail damage F2 StarlitI've spoken to several people who have ever had one and they all say it's really one of the best boards for a lot of wind. He's just starting to wear out now, there's going to be sanding in the mast rails.

I didn't dare take this board out on the water anymore. I was far too scared that the mast rails would break out and I had to swim a long way back. That's why I replaced him. But instead of 1 shelf I went to 2 shelves a100litre, mySkate. and a85litre mineNaish 8'5".

Last Rest Place
RIP F2 StarlitBecause the board was already old and repairing the mast rail was too expensive, he had been with Martijn for a while who might want to give him a try. Trying that has finally come out of nothing. He gave it to Hans who cleaned it very nicely and gave him a last rest in his garden. Nice in the sun.

I only feed this board in a lot of wind because otherwise I really had to swim. So also only with small sails. Especially the Mistral 4.8 I sailed a lot of them.

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The Starlit have and US box and so I have all US-Box fins for that too. Some old ones that I do take with me as a spare in case I really demolished a good one.

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