Windsurf Slalom Board F2 Sputnik 230 WCE from 1993/2005
Slalom Board
Year 1993/2005
Volume ±90 L
Range 5,0 - 7,0
Width 58 cm
Length 230 cm
Weight 7,5 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Epoxy Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in June 2005 during the Cool Shoe Crossing 2005.
Then a lot of renovation: 50cm shorter and completely different nose. Mast rail placed backwards.

"Speed is nothing without control"
Well, I dare to run this board over every chop at full speed. What and peace and control. Then you can easily be quick.
With a good wind force 5 to 6 with myT-Force 5.9at full speed over the waves of the Grevelingendam? No problem, all control.

Board runs very fast and quietly. I think my Thommen 275 on flat water was faster. But he didn't have that much control and gybe-too a lot harder, and couldn't sail on rougher water. Have there on Herkingen the first time directly:62.5 km/hbrought with you.

Sold in May 2008 within 2 days. Had aF2 SX 91but it was overcooked, which was ripe for demolition. Then only oneStarboard S-Type 104I liked it so much I sold it right away.

So far, there have been a lot of dangers, from a5.3 waveup to a6.8 race. Everything's going really well. I use the board most with race sailing, but with wave/freemove sail it also goes well, for fun or during a slalom competition with relatively short legs.

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This Sputnik sails with very small fins. First time tried a 34cm, well it is really too big, it is narrow behind with a lot of V, so 28 to 30cm is perfect.

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