Windsurf Wave Sail North Instinct 5.3 from 2003
Wave Sail
Year 2003
Battens 6
Boom 176 cm
Luff 442 cm
Materials Triax, X-Ply, Duratech
(machine translated in 2021) origin
At the beginning of May 2004 I had mySlide 5.4Sold. It was for sale, but it happened so fast. Then I first looked around for 2nd hand sailing in the Netherlands, but they were as expensive as over-years from Germany. So I only ordered 3 sails there. This 5.3, a5.9and a6.6, these 3 sails replace my old5.4and6.2. My range is getting bigger and the gaps between sails are narrowing.
I opted for a 5.3 Wave because the gap between my high-endDr. X 4.7and the low-endSlide 5.4was very big. Now with a high-end 5.3, this is a lot better.

This sail works much better on myNaish 8'5"than mySlide 5.4.
With theslideI could only leave on this shelf if the sail was trimmed on max, I think it was because theslidehad been used mainly for low-end, and clearly worked better in it.

I wanted to replace it and found a buyer who couldInstinct 4.7,Disco 5.9and myViper75 430cmwanted to buy for a nice price.
As a replacement, I have a2007 Ice 5.3purchased.


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