Windsurf Slalom Board F2 Sputnik 270 PTE from 1995
Slalom Board
Year 1995
Volume 82 L
Range 5,1 - 6,4
Width 52 cm
Length 270 cm
Weight 5,0 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Aerodyne Hollow
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand at the end of May 2004.
I had all myThommen 275 sailed once and it seemed too big. I was looking at someone for another shelf. but saw that he had aHollowF2 Sputnik had lying down, I have made an offer and bought that thing.
I am still looking for a good hard weather speed/slalom board. Maybe this is a better size. And in between, I'm going to keep looking.

At 5.0 kilos, this one is even lighter than myThommen 275 And it's so scary fast. At 5.0 kilos, this board is the lightest production for years board.
I only doubted the strength of the board, he feels very vulnerable. But who's going to take a Hollow shelf?
I've sailed on it before and control seems to be in strong winds better than with theThommen 275, but it has 100 liters. In choppie water I have 1.5 hours sailed with it. Still reached 58 km/h, and that was mainly because I the board. He was way too the chop.

After purchasing myThommen 265 I sold it again at the end of July 2004.

This one's the little one for my6.8 Tomahawk so all my little race sails:

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