Windsurf Slalom Board F2 Thommen 265 from 1999
Slalom Board
Year 1999
Volume 79 L
Range 4,0 - 6,0
Width 49,5 cm
Length 265 cm
Weight 5,9 kg
Finbox Powerbox
(machine translated in 2021) origin
In July 2004 2nd hands bought from Thomas Doblin. Condition wasn't quite super, but totally waterproof and hard, but decent scratches in the paint of the bottom.
For better speed work I have been looking for the ideal board for a while. First I bought theThommen 275 But it soon proved suitable only for 6.0 to 7.0. Then looking for a smaller, preferably a Thommen 265, But I couldn't find it at first. So aSputnik 270 PTE bought and once on dangers. Then I found this one and ISputnik 270but sold again. Of course, I fixed it up a little bit.

Yes, this is fast, first time with strong winds, the Arrows Tomahawk 5.1speed surfing behind a 64.9 km/h. fast!!
2nd time the wind unfortunately fell away too quickly. 63.6 km/h.
3rd time in good conditions 67.2 km/h.
YES, this thing can be done very quickly!!

I had myHighWinds 215bought and refurbished. Boardje has the same range as this Thommen. I could also shorten this Thommen, but before that this board still had too much value.


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