Raceboard Board
Year 1987?
Volume 210 L
Width 65 cm
Length 375 cm
Finbox US-Box
(machine translated in 2021) origin
This is rob's old Ultra Cat (TAFKAS) after his death his surf gear was sold by his mates. I bought his old Cat. Was apparently very dear to Rob. I'm going to sail up there and learn him and because it's his nice and nice board.

What fun is raceboarding. First time sailing with mnWarp 8.6, no success, was first time and even half meter high waves at sea. Got used to his long narrow thing too much. After that, a lot of dangers with myR-Type 9.5. Very nice. How quickly you can go on tour with his board. With a Slalom you mainly sail half wind and you get nowhere. With a Raceboard you go on an adventure much more. The Cat runs very well, especially due to the wide carbon sword. The old cats excel mainly in rest downwind. 25+ knots on my 2nd day raceboard and then with9.5on the brouwersdam full of downwind. No problem. The Formula boys were completely out of the way and looked very scared.

I had ateampurchased as a 2nd board. Clearly a better board, but also more expensive. Before Iteamcould have sold again I got aCAT 380offered (1 of the 2 best raceboards from before 2010) for a price I couldn't pass him up for. And then there were three of those long things in my garage. Clean-up held... This Ultra Cat and theteamsold quickly. Plenty of enthusiasts.

I have mainlyR-Type 9.5on this board, but for harsh weather I had myMX Race 7.5. Have 1x mnWarp 8.6tried, but that wasn't a success, too heavy.
At the time of the sale there was a 33cm Mistral One-Design fin. However, a 40cm US-Box could very quickly be tapped on the head (rare!). Especially with those 40cm dangers, walking height was much better

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