Windsurf Slalom Fin C3 Venom v2 40cm from 2010
Slalom Fin
Year 2010
Length 40 cm
Finbox Tuttlebox
Weight 568 gr
Profile 11.63 mm
Materials G10
Venom v2
The first C3 production fin, and a great one. Downwind slalom/speed vin with 3 different profiles, very broad usefull speed range: from low speed to even 70+ km/h. Soft tip for control. Small sizes: 28 and smaller are very good speed fins. The fins smaller than 38cm are very good control slalom fins for difficult circumstances. The larger sizes are not my favorite, but I know guys that are happy with even the 50cm. The Venoms weakness is sailing upwind, especially in low speeds.

The Venom v2 is an update version of the Venom. I have not found any differences. The profile should be optimized.

(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand via the Internet in May 2011. I was looking for a way to gain more control over myiSonic 111during slalom training I noticed that I had a7.0or7.3on myiSonic 111always got into control problems when it really sailed on max and the chop/waves got higher. The Venom is known for its control, so when I could buy one 2nd hand, bought it to see if that would help.

The Venom gives control, a lot of control and no spinouts at all. Many control fins (MFC SL, C3 D2, Deboichet SL4) tend to shoot into a spinout at little or sudden pressure, the Venom does not suffer from that at all, which gives you confidence and therefore dares to go faster.

Sold again in September 2013. I don't like the larger Venoms sailing, G10 doesn't work super well in larger fins. And a 40cm downwind slalom fin for tough conditions? If you use that fin, the water is still relatively flat and then has no use.

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