Windsurf Wave Sail North Instinct 4.7 from 2005
Wave Sail
Year 2005
Battens 5
Boom 164 cm
Luff 419 cm
Materials Monofilm/Triaxs
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in December 2006 from Surfshop Schumacher.
as a replacement for myDr. X 4.7. I was able to buy these for a small amount of money with me Daytona.

What a nice sail. Compared to myInstinct 5.3it really sails much easier, as if it were 1.5 meters smaller is then the5.3. But I can still sail with little wind. Gijben, jumping everything is easy.
On myJP FSW 84I can sail with it with less than 20 knots.

I wanted myInstinct 5.3and Disco 5.9replace it. I found a buyer looking for a whole set (5.9-5.3- 4.7) with mast, and therefore also wanted to buy this Instinct 4.7. After much doubt, this is a world sail and was like new, yet sold. Price was pretty good, but main reason was that the 2006+ sailing of North have a completely different construction and therefore also a different feel. So if I was going to buy a new 5.3 and 5.9, it's so nice. to have my 4.7 the same too, luxury problem.
As a replacement, I have a2007 Ice 4.7purchased.


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