Windsurf Slalom Sail North RAM F9 7.3 from 2009
Slalom Sail
Year 2009
Battens 7
Cambers 4
Boom 212 cm
Luff 484 cm
Materials Monofilm, XPly, Triax
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought over the year in Germany in December 2010. It's the same sail as my8.4.

Switch Cam
The North Sails RAMs can all be sailed with 3 or 4 cambers. Most people sail them with 4, also in the tests they are hardly tested with 3. I always sailed my RAM F8 with 3 cambers at the beginning and also started with this F9 with only 3 cambers. Since my Gybes are not yet of that level, action is even more important to me than speed. After a few times with 3 cambers I started testing with 4 Cambers. I think that makes a big difference. The profile is a lot deeper and when the Cambers turn around the blow to your arms is a lot harder, with 3 cambers that is a lot more pleasant.

This soul is nice and fast, and very long to keep. Especially with 4 cambers, then you really feel the power of the sail, the planning is better, but also the high end gets a lot better.

As I already write, there is quite a noticeable difference between 3 or 4 cambers. At 3, the action/camber cover is pretty good, not as good as my Daytona, but certainly not very heavy. If you add the 4th camber, the profile is deeper and with the gybe the cover of the cambers is much larger, much more noticeable and therefore more difficult. But the Cambers rotate very easily whether you have 3 or 4 in it.

After purchasing my Warp 7.8 put it up for sale and sold it quite quickly.

I need a North Sails 460cm mast in it, I can use both my Gold and my Platinum, although I will usually choose my Platinum.

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