(machine translated in 2021) Afternoon surfing. Thick winds and the thomming is ready. Time to test. Cloudy and cold day, 10 degrees but. The water of Herkingen is fairly rough for its doing, chop of 20 to 30cm. Not really great for speed, but certainly not bad. Levon went home when I came and Hans didn't come until I had everything neatly in my cart again. But was very nice to surf with acquaintances for another afternoon.


Present: Bart, Dirk Jan, Hans (Hansie), Levon, Martijn (Volvosurfer)

14:30 1.5 hour Wind: S
Board: F2 Thommen 275 - North Shore Ultra Slalom 34cm
Sail: Arrows Tomahawk 6.8 - Arrows Ultimate Move 460cm - Arrows Ultimate Race 190-240
  (machine translated in 2023) It's windy, 6.8 could just be, 5.8 maybe on the small side. I would like to test the Thommen 275. The others sail with heavily trimmed 5.7 and 5.5 sails. Trim the 6.8 a bit and we'll see where we end up. The 6.8 not set to max. Extender had to be longer, but then I had to rig the entire sail and I didn't feel like it. I want to get on the water, I want to sail. After the necessary adjustment work on the foot straps, it went quite well. I chose my hip trapeze because it usually gives more control over my board and for a first time on something as fast as a Thommen that's not really a bad idea. First conclusion... the Thommen is really fast... Boating certainly didn't go badly. Gyben sometimes just didn't go through planed. The sail was still very long keep. But at the end I was really at my max. Time for something smaller. But a new PR: 58.0 km/h
16:30 0.5 hour Wind: S
Board: F2 Thommen 275 - Concrete Wave Slalom CTB 32cm
Sail: Gaastra Flow F1 5.8 - Fiberspar 4200 QT 460cm - Arrows Weapon Xtreme M
  (machine translated in 2023) I didn't really have a small fin for this sail. The 34cm went well with a 6.8, but the 32 made little difference and my 30.5 has more surface area than my 32cm. So the 32cm underneath anyway and we'll see. Hardly check, either the plank is too big or the wind blows too hard for that 5.8 or the fin. Just tried some, but didn't really go anymore. Was also very tired from sailing with 6.8.