(machine translated in 2023) Not expected but still quite a bit of wind. There was hardly any wind on the grevelingendam, so we drove on to Kabbelaarsbank. There the water was a mirror. After a look in the shop and drove a Tosti to the sea side where I met Heiko from HTS. Heiko: "The wind is really coming". Naturally.... He was right. Around 13:30 the wind started blowing and at 14:00 I was setting up.

De Kouse

14:15 2 hour Wind: NW 2/18 kts
Board: Fanatic Skate 111 - MFC Goya Freemove 27cm
Sail: North Natural 6.6 - North XC65 460cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) Well what a weird breeze. 10 minutes wind, 5 minutes nothing. During the wind we sailed nicely. It was like high tide when we started. Beautiful waves. Nice jumping. And ideally that Skate 111 when the wind falls away. There were a lot of waveboards on the water and they had to swim back again and again. While I could ride a wave back to the shore. Heiko always flew over the water with a nSuper Fast S and Spacedog Race 7.4. Great to see what speed he got in the waves.