(machine translated in 2023) Today's Beware Funsport Experience, was actually last weekend, but due to lack of wind resistance. A bit silly to put him on a weekday. Eventually with 11 surfers sailed 11 heats in super cool conditions. Anyone with 5.0 - 6.7 sails. Thick waves up to 1 meter high on the grevelingen. Eventually finished 3rd. And to top it all off, the grand prize in the raffle: Gaastra Trapeze. A strong but slightly gusty wind and a lot of sun made this a great competition day. Often it was very heavy because of the waves, but with this wind it is super cool. Arno also participated, Jurjen didn't feel like it.


Present: Arno (Mr. Q), Jeroen, Jurjen

10:45 0.25 hour Wind: W/SW 8/25 kts
Board: HTS Super Fast M - Hurricane SRA 36cm
Sail: North Daytona 6.6 - North Viper 75 460cm - Arrows Ultimate Race 190-240
  (machine translated in 2023) Just adjust the set for the first heat. Bobbing in the bay, outside full tank, high waves and sail too big. Sail trimmed to max but that didn't help either. Quick to the side for the Sputnik 230. Difficult choice: No wind on the side at the start and then starting with the Sputnik is difficult. But in the middle it will probably be better. Try anyway.
11:00 3.5 hour Wind: W/SW 8/25 kts
Board: F2 Sputnik 230 WCE - Deboichet Custom Slalom 30cm
Sail: North Daytona 6.6 - North Viper 75 460cm - Arrows Ultimate Race 190-240
  (machine translated in 2023) After a quick board, switch to the starting line. Yes, this runs a lot better. Board runs very quietly in this chop. As long as I have control over the sail, I'm fine. But in some racks the wind was too much and then over 1 meter high waves was really less cool. Speed was good, I could almost always pass anyone or at least keep up. Except for Job.
16:30 0.25 hour Wind: W/SW 8/20 kts
Board: Tabou Pocket 84
Sail: Gaastra Poison 5.8
  (machine translated in 2023) After the game I borrowed a set from the organization to test. Was very disappointing, wind was a bit moderate and the Poison was just pussy rigged in my opinion.