(machine translated in 2023) Nice sunny day with East wind. It was very busy on the Grevelingendam. It was BK and there was wind and sun. First picked up 2 Drake Pro-Slaloms. Then quickly set up. Many doubted about which sail, 7.6 or 6.6. Martijn was sailing with 7.8 and had too much in the gusts and too little outside. You get that with east wind. Decided to test the Redline 7.6 on max trim. Also the new Drake Pro Slalom under the HTS. I was able to get out of the bay with a flurry of planing. But just outside the bay directly a spinout. Goddamn, that's not that Drake Deboichet replica. Before I was on the other side there was 2 spinouts. With a little dissatisfied feeling the rake was put back in. To my surprise, it was very quiet, fast and without spinouts. After that, the spinouts quickly decreased, did I start to get used to this fin? The 7.6 was often large in the gusts, but I did not sail any overpowered, board and sail remain well controlled. After 1.5 hours I took the GPS to test the speed, because I had the feeling that I had good speed. After 2 hits already 55.9 km / h on the GPS: Fast. After a few sandwiches, I made the switch to go smaller. Because I only have a 460 mast, the 7.6 had to be removed. The Daytona 6.6 seemed a bit small to me between the gusts, so the Duke 6.7 but rigged, the Duke 6.7 relatively hard for its size. S-Type with Pro Slalom 34 underneath. 2nd time on the S-Type, first time with the Pro Slalom. It started with a few spinouts, but they too quickly diminished. Even now, the set ran nice and fast. Could just keep up with Martijn and he was working on Marleen's Screamer with his Daytona 7.8, and for Hans I was too fast for a change. Wind started to drop a bit and could not easily walk altitude. Just changed the fin for the Hurricane SRA 36cm. No spinouts at all, full control. Through dangers until I was really exhausted.


Present: Hans (Hansie), Martijn (Volvosurfer)

13:00 2.25 hour Wind: E
Board: HTS Super Fast M - Drake Slalom Pro 38cm
Sail: Naish Redline 7.6 - North Viper 75 460cm - HPL Slalom 177-238
  (machine translated in 2023) First time with the Drake Slalom Pro 38cm, Deboichet Design. After some getting used to the fin, the set ran very quietly and quickly. But before that, I had a spinout pretty regularly. Redline sailed for the first time in Max trim. Super: control and tranquility. Occasionally felt like I couldn't keep the sail, but the sail was still controllable, strange feeling.
15:30 1 hour Wind: E
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - Drake Slalom Pro 34cm
Sail: North Duke 6.7 - North Viper 75 460cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) 2nd time with the S-Type on the water. Foot straps are already more comfortable, not even that bad.
16:30 1.25 hour Wind: E
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - Hurricane SRA 36cm
Sail: North Duke 6.7 - North Viper 75 460cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) Good combo, enough pressure on the fin, fast and with the Duke super easy gybing. Delicious.