(machine translated in 2023) Super day at sea
Nice afternoon off to surf at sea, finally a good SW predicted, increasing to 7 bf after 18:00. Flood at 17:15. so perfect. When I arrived, Ouwe was just rigging from 5.3 to 4.5. Board with fin and baseplate placed on the beach, everyone just walks back, wind subsided. So only 5.3 rigged anyway. On the water it quickly became clear that the 5.3 was on the large side. And the stiff RON 20cm didn't make the rides any more controlled either. So to the side for another fin, and then immediately grabbed the 4.7. The 4.7 was really a lot better, usually the perfect size, sometimes having trouble getting away, sometimes just too big, but usually really perfect.
Practiced a lot on jumping with left front, my worst side, and a lot of golfing. In the nice clean stretch at the blocks dam itself made a few attempts toto down-the-line: Tricky! A lot of on-shore wave riding, trapeze loose and then riding the waves at full power.
Dangers until 18:30, tired but satisfied stopped. TOP day.


Present: Ronald (RonVo)

15:15 0.25 hour Wind: SW 20/30 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 II - MFC RON 20cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Gold 430cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) Set was a big side, the RON was hard and direct again, not really optimal at sea. Nice and short turning.
15:45 2.75 hour Wind: SW 20/30 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 II - Select Wave Warrior 22cm
Sail: North Ice 4.7 - North Gold(a) 400cm - Neil Pryde X6 145-195
  (machine translated in 2023) The 22cm worked perfectly with the 4.7, if the wind was less it was more difficult to walk height, but usually I could walk very well and could easily get and go anywhere I wanted. In the sometimes hectic conditions the FSW was a bit bouncy, real waveboard is better.