(machine translated in 2023) Day 2 Web Battle Training
Wind forecast was slightly better than last week so there was good hope for a lot of planing
Unfortunately, the wind was still quite disappointing and it was difficult to get to Plane even with 9.5.

We started again with an hour of Yoga, tasty, painful and fun. We laughed a lot again.
Then an hour of therory: Flags, which means which flag. Very educational.
At 12:00 there was food ready again and then quickly set up. Jan and Roel gave some trim tips where necessary or desired.
Jan and Roel had prepared a mini downwind slalom track.
With so little wind, it was easy for everyone. As large as possible: GT85 and R-Typ 9.5.

At 13:30 we were on the water, at the start. The group was divided into 2 groups, blue with the competition sissies and green with the up-and-coming talent. since I had also sailed a race once, I was allowed to wear blue together with guys like Kay van Berlo, Jordy Vonk and Coen Swijnunberg. According to Roel, we were just sissies because we didn't pump hard enough. We often received texts such as: "pumps, pumps, sissies" to our heads. Today's goal was to get the star timing better. A heat was started every 5 minutes. So that meant each group had to start every 10 minutes... That was sometimes quite a challenge to be a bit in time to be able to start your watch on the 3 minute signal.
First starts went hopelessly wrong for me. I expected to get into plane easily with my GT85 and 9.5. Sometimes that works. But then often many too late. Sometimes 15 seconds late over the line. Then start earlier and then just have to stand still on the line because it was still 20 seconds before the start. But it kept getting a little better.
At 16:15 to the side, end or just break. Wind seemed to increase slightly so we only started a few extra starts, this time in 1 large group. Unfortunately, we had to face Timmy. Young, light and blood fanatic. That guy is so fast.

The last few starts got better and better. 2x just fake and the last one was perfect. On the seconds next to the starter boat in the best wind. As a result, more than first at the first buoy. Even Jody with his 10.0 had to let me go this time.
All in all, I think we did a start of 20. Was pretty jaded.

Jan and Roel thank you again for the tiring and educational day.


13:30 4 hour Wind: W/NW 7/14 kts
Board: AHD GT 85 - Deboichet R13 S 65cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Viper 75 510cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) On the advice of Nikaj last week the 510cm was put in again. With more slats of tension and spacers, the sail now seems to look better. Another test with the 490 which is best now. R13 65cm was perfect, could get rid of a lot of pressure.