(machine translated in 2023) Pre Mission
We would go to The Mission all weekend, leave friday in the afternoon and then eat in Zeeland.
The weather became more and more beautiful under the road, until we finally saw a clear blue sky, my parents were also in Zeeland. They just called, they would eat on Kabbelaarsbank, by the water. That's where we went. There was hardly any wind.

First eaten, but then it started to itch, sun and a little wind... I'll go anyway....
Finally rigged the 9.5 and put on my suit to sail for a while.
Wind was really minimal. With some pumps, I could just plan every now and then. Was equally tasty, but stopped anyway.


19:30 0.5 hour Wind: S/SW 6/9 kts
Board: AHD GT 85 - Deboichet R13 S 65cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Viper 75 510cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) Too little wind. With many pumps in a flurry we can plan just a little bit. The set was well adjusted and the 65cm works well.