(machine translated in 2023) The Mission Final Edition - Day 1
It was time again for the busiest surfing competition in the Benelux: The Mission. Since Herman had announced that this would be the last, this became The Final Edition. Since I had already participated in all the other editions, I could not let this last one run.

It was another nice weekend, many participants and certainly Saturday the parking lot was really full.
After the WWT training I was really looking forward to it, had had enough practice.
Sailed all day with GT85 and 8.3.
Heats went very well:

Heat 1
False start! There was a dinghy at the pin-end, which decided to sail quietly towards the starting boat in the last minute. Since I had started my run-up, I seemed to be on a collision course with the starter boat. I was paying more attention to the boat than to the exact time.
After briefly holding back to let the boat pass, 2x pumps, inplane over the line.... PEEP. 2 seconds early.
After a moment's hesitation, I still have to deal with dangers. Turning around would be possible, but would be a lot less instructive.
Heat went well, whole heat planned, whole heat in the lead.1st

Heat 2
Just before the start the wind fell away, a lot bobbed. The GT85 doesn't float quickly, so it was occasionally overtaken.6th

Heat 3
Super start, 3 men right over the line, with the GT85 I was a bit slower, 3rd to the first buoy. We had a few more men close behind us. Don't have to let anyone pass them by. However, some surfers from the previous heat caught up. 3rd, but the ladies in the boat found me5th(I didn't check the heat result)

Heat 4
Super start, between the black buoys and the boat, there was no more space. (And that was not without danger because there would be a rope between the boat and that buoy, but even with my 60cm I don't get stuck.) With 3 men at the first buoy but with the GT85 I have to plan a little more spacious. At the last buoy I was overtaken again, very tightly neat, that was a really nice gybe / action:4th

Organization was not really tight, I should have been higher in the ranking. But yes, it's just a fun match.
Saturday as15thfinished.


Present: Arno (Mr. Q), Hans (Hansie), Jan Willem (Dutchflag), Jeroen, Jeroen (DonLimas), Marleen, Martijn (Volvosurfer), Marvin

13:00 2.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: AHD GT 85 - Drake R13 Race 60cm
Sail: North Daytona 8.3 - North Viper 75 490cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) Board ran well, gyben a breeze. Wind was variable, so difficult in a match. First heat perfect, 2nd heat too little wind, 4th heat it was too much.