(machine translated in 2023) Nice after a summer day
There was a forecast of wind in the morning and a lot of sun in the afternoon, so I asked for Zeeland to sail for a while.

Wind was somewhat doubtful, 7.3 could, 8.3 too. So first rigged the 8.3, then chatted, looked at how many people were planning, there were quite a few, so GT85 would not be necessary. So then test the iSonic 111 with an 8.3. With the iSonic 105, that was on the edge.
Once on the water, it was quickly noticed that the wider tail of the iSonic 111 and perhaps also my custom R10s 46cm worked perfectly with my Daytona 8.3. Could pump well to get into plane, fin gives nice lift and can be sailed well on the rails.
The combination also planned quite well in wind holes and could run well even in low winds.

Unexpectedly delicious sailed with this combination. I'll definitely use it more often.

De Punt

11:15 2.25 hour Wind: SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 111 - Deboichet R10 S 46cm
Sail: North Daytona 8.3 - North Viper 75 490cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) I liked that, I didn't expect the iSonic 111 to sail so nicely with an 8.3. The iSonic 105 had much more trouble with that. First time with my Deboichet R10 S 46cm. Fine fin, a lot of lift, could walk very well height, even at low speeds. Pumping went well. Trim in the sail just didn't feel quite right.