(machine translated in 2023) Nice sunny winter surf day
3rd day of surfing in January, this is going to be a nice winter. Winds were diminishing and less predicted than on Saturday, but the sun was expected to come through today. So we drove to Zeeland, first along the beach because many acquaintances had agreed there.
Wind was indeed less than on Saturday. Everyone was chatting on the shore, some surfers were bobbing with 5.5 (far too small). When Arno was rigging his 6.8, he decided to go sailing with Arno at sea. Since I found the wind very little, I decided to rig my GT85 with my RAM F9 8.4.

First time RAM F9 8.4
After sailing my RAM F9 7.3 for the first time on Saturday, it was now my new 8.4's turn. Rigging went smoothly, trim seemed to be better than the 7.3.

Just as I was wearing my suit I saw Arno stop at a surfer in trouble. There appeared to be a kiter in trouble, he had lost his board and had been in the cold water for a while and the rescue brigade had already been called and on its way. Another kiter who doesn't use leach, what suckers.
Time to get on the water: Oh yes, sea, carefully walk down the dam, over the beach, through the shallow water until it is deep enough for my 60cm fin, another sandbank, finally get on. First I found where Arno had gone, in the meantime some small adjustments to my trim. Set soon ran nicely, again bothered by the sail against foot strap problem. I couldn't find Arno, so I went to the side to do some trimming and asked if Arno was already on the side. As I head towards the shore, there is a car on the beach, front wheels in the water.
The Rescue Brigade also came to help this unlucky bird. See:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucv97AHf80I

After a bit of chatting and a sandwich back on the water, Jurjen had meanwhile rigged his 8.8 on his new RRD 135.
Together with Jurjen I did some rakes, sailing out it did not go well with me and Jurjen walked away, to the side it went well and Jurjen was less comfortable and I could keep up. But in terms of planting, Jurjen was nowhere, even if I didn't pump, I always planned away and Jurjen was bobbing for minutes. That GPS either has no power or my GT85 is so much faster away than its RRD 135, but I'm guessing a combination of both. Still delicious through dangers, many planted gijbe-jes. Water was just flat. Nice sunshine. Was really enjoyable. Kay and Jan van Berlo also took to the water with new NP RS-Raving Evo IIIs. How loose those sails are, just not pretty anymore. Stopped around 3:30 p.m. Got a little tired anyway. Stuff to the side and rigging. SAND EVERYWHERE! What a hassle.

For me, this was my last day of slalom at sea. When the weather is warmer I might go again, but in winter it really has no more value for me. You are always further from the shore, and if things go wrong it can quickly become a big problem (as with the kiter), less shallow water, sand (is really everywhere and I can't easily rinse at home in the winter) and walking further with your stuff.

De Kouse

Present: Arno (Mr. Q), Claudia, Jurjen

12:30 3 hour Wind: SW
Board: AHD GT 85 - Drake R13 Race 60cm
Sail: North RAM F9 8.4 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
  (machine translated in 2023) Trim was found quickly, boom slightly up, mast foot all the way back and then it ran nicely, range of the sail is very good, a lot of power and yet long to hold. Cambers can turn around a little more smoothly from me. Speed wasn't bad, planting was great.