(machine translated in 2023) Fat February Storm(8 - 9 bf)
The forecast had been stormy for a few days. Even 3 days of storm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Well that storm came, last night already awake a few times by the strong wind around the house.
Since she predicted wind force 8 to 9, I only have 1 set that is a bit useful for that. Smallest Waveboard with smallest Wave sail: 3.7. So I left the cart at home and took some things in the car, so safe with so much wind.

Was in zeeland at 12:00. Most of the surf buddies were there and were already sailing. Quickly inside, in the surf center, put on my surf suit and back into the wind and cold. Quickly rig up and get out on the water.

The sailing was sometimes really survival, with gusts of 40 to 45 kts (9 bf), that is not surprising, but often it went well. During one of the first rakes on the open water, I come across a beautiful steep wave in front of the surf center: Jump... Didn't go quite right, became a backloop and fell my side in the water. That was a long time ago, a few years ago I tried backloops more often. That tasted like more, I think I did an attempt or 8. Also made a lot of normal jumps. Some high and then landing on my back.
Gyben didn't really go great, sometimes she did, but often I didn't even try.

All in all an entertaining/tiring day, I didn't get cold at all. Was tasty.


Present: Arno (Mr. Q), Claudia, Hans (Hansie), Jan Willem (Dutchflag), Jurjen, Martijn (Volvosurfer), Ron (SoulDragon)

12:15 2.25 hour Wind: SW 35/45 kts
Board: AHD Power Wave 253 - Select Wave Warrior 22cm
Sail: North Voodoo 3.7 - North XC60 380cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 150-212