(machine translated in 2023) A lot of wind again: my first broken mast
It seemed warmer today, wind was just a notch less than yesterday. Was at the water around 11 o'clock. My buddies were already back on the water. Everyone was sailing with a sail size larger than yesterday.

So that became easy: AHD 253 with my Voodoo 4.2. Rigging up and sailing away, everything immediately felt better than yesterday. After a few meters already a nice jump. Towards surf shop there another nice wave, high jump. Gyben and then I fell into it, and then I heard it.

Breaking a mast for the first time
Today something happened that has never happened to me in 20 years of surfing, I broke a mast. It actually happens to every surfer once in a while, but fortunately it never happened to me. I sail from the shore to the surf shop in 1 rak, I gybe, fall into it and when I turn the sail again I hear something crack. After some searching I saw it, there was a strange kink halfway down the mast. At first I thought I hadn't put the mast together properly, but it wasn't. Sailed back a bit, but didn't have a good feeling about it. I walked on to the side. Martijn came to help carry the stuff. Fortunately, the mast did not break completely into the sail, otherwise I might have had a repair to the mast trunk of the sail. I'm glad it wasn't in the deep and the mast was completely broken. But remains a pity, mast sailed 5x (less than 10 hours) I do hope it stays with this one, last year 3 booms broken, that was really baling (and expensive)

Fortunately, I also had my 400cm with which I can also rig my 4.2. So I quickly set up, and within a few minutes I was back on the water. Still sailing, jumping a lot, a lot. Control was really a lot better than yesterday. Wind did increase again, so the 4.2 was actually too big. 3.7 had been better the last hour, but yes, didn't feel like changing sails.
Gyben didn't go great, fell in regularly and there was hardly any planing.

It was a really nice day.

And then in the bargain another board broken:
When cleaning up my belongings at home, I let my JP FSW 84 slip out of my hands, and as with parents and falling children, I immediately knew it was wrong. Board was in his board bag which would normally provide sufficient protection. But he fell his tail, and it is now torn in about 4 cm, that will be a job again.


Present: Arno (Mr. Q), Claudia, Hans (Hansie), Jurjen, Martijn (Volvosurfer)

11:30 0.25 hour Wind: SW 25/32 kts
Board: AHD Power Wave 253 - Select Wave Warrior 24cm
Sail: North Voodoo 4.2 - North XC60 380cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 150-212
  (machine translated in 2023) Set felt good, for as long as it took. After 1 rak I hear something crack, the mast was broken. Fortunately not quite so mast trunk of the sail still whole. A pity about a very nice mast.
11:45 2.5 hour Wind: SW 25/38 kts
Board: AHD Power Wave 253 - Select Wave Warrior 24cm
Sail: North Voodoo 4.2 - North Gold(a) 400cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 150-212
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran nicely, stable. Board gave good, necessary control. Gyben went a little less. If I really tried my best, they went well, but on autopilot I regularly went into them. Until the wind increased even more and the 4.2 actually became too big. Should have taken my 3.7 earlier, that would have been nicer.