(machine translated in 2023) Super session
W/NW 20 to 25 knots were predicted, perfect for the Grevelingendam.
Had my day off, so perfect. Martijn also took a drag off and later Arno and Ronald also came.

Despite the fact that only 8 degrees was predicted, it was not cold at all, when the sun came through it was really nice, and certainly a lot better than last week.
Wind was good, sometimes it decreased a bit, but with some trimming I could always sail: Thank you North for the Power XT!

JP FSW 84 with Ice 5.3
Was get on and go, what an easy set. Lots of waves to play with, or a bit of backside riding outside or jumping towards the side. Really made some nice high jumps again. Also practiced a lot of gybjes and they sometimes went really bizarrely well: I enter the bay right behind Arno and Ronald, they both gyben but fall, I put away a nice gybe, so tight, so nice at speed ... Just had goosebumps when I sailed away again and a smile from ear to ear.

Fin-Grab First
I've been able to jump One-Handed for a few years, did a rail grab for the first time 2 years ago. Today, after a few attempts to grab my fin in the air, I manage!! It's no use to you, but the idea is fun.

Super day. Warm, beautiful wind, perfect direction for the Grevelingendam. Not too busy. Hopefully there will be many more days like this this year.


Present: Arno (Mr. Q), Martijn (Volvosurfer), Ronald (RonVo)

11:30 4.5 hour Wind: NW 16/25 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 II - Select X1 Wave 26,5cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Gold 430cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 165-227
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran well, fast was good enough to keep up with the others, the X1 is nice for that. Sail has a lot of range, sometimes trimmed to max when the wind was strong, sometimes really at minimum with especially weining outhaul the sail has a lot of power and I could still plan while Martijn was already sailing with 6.6.