(machine translated in 2023) First time after a long holiday
Just returned this week from 3.5 weeks of vacation and therefore no surfing: Immediately a whole weekend, time to catch up on some hours.
It was a better day than expected, very bad weather was predicted, but it was not too bad with the rain and the sun certainly showed itself regularly later in the afternoon (after 15:00 it was almost completely blue)
Wind did turn quite a bit, first S/SW, later W/SW, then back to S/SW to end in W when I went home.
Martijn would not come today, he was going to Concert@Sea, but due to the strong wind that was cancelled and he still came.

Sailed all day with my surf buddies together.
On arrival doubted between 5.9 and 5.3. Hans came off the water with 5.3 and sometimes found it small, but he has Superfreaks and they just have less power. So 5.3 was chosen. In retrospect, I could easily have sailed with 4.7, although I would have been bobbing sometimes. Now I was often on the edge in terms of control. But that gives me a lot of power to be able to race with my buddies. Maybe my S-Type with a Slalom sail would have been a better option, but I still had a great time.


Present: Claudia, Hans (Hansie), Jurjen, Martijn (Volvosurfer), Ronald (RonVo)

12:00 4.25 hour Wind: SW 16/35 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 II - Select X1 Wave 26,5cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Gold 430cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 165-227