(machine translated in 2023) Regiocup South: Formula
Forecast was not great, until about 2 hours of wind, then rapidly decreasing and around 12 o'clock also turning from South to West. That's going to be a tough game. The organization dared to do it anyway and let the competition go ahead. So early to zeeland, there it rained heavily.
Still quickly put on a suit, walking in the rain in ordinary clothes is less pleasant than in a surf suit. Then register and walked back to set up my "formula set". Then back to the race office for the Skippersmeeting: 5 people present at the skippers meeting, but there were still 17 entries. First start at 11:30. So quickly pick up the set and get on the water.

1st heat (attempt)
Formula starts, always crazy and takes some getting used to. Start went well, altitude running was not fast, wind was minimal. I was only at the upper buoy when Ko came to the upper buoy for the 2nd time. After that, the wind completely disappeared, fortunately for me. Heat was cancelled.

2nd heat (attempt)
Starts went a little less well, altitude running a little better, I seemed to have more wind. Got to the upper buoy faster, but after that it was really over, wind completely disappeared, everyone stood still. We waited at the boat for a while, but when the wind turned and the boats started to shift buoys, I went to the shore.

1st heat (real)
Since the wind was often only good for a short time, the race management made the wise decision to let both fleets sail 1 lap less, so 2 laps and silver 1. My start did not go quite right, wind was minimal and dirty wind from the port starting surfers I fell silent, was quickly in plane again and could walk well altitude. After the upper buoy well back to the finish, wind was minimal so sometimes bobbing. I was a long way behind Andrea, but she started gybing too early, so I overtook a lot and finished just ahead of her.

2nd heat (real)
Start went better, again quite well to the upper buoy. Towards the finish I saw Andrea cross the finish line in a big lead, but she had forgotten to sail around pin-end. Fortunately, she saw her own mistake and went back. I gybe-te just behind her to pin-end, but she fell silent and I planned on and was just in front of her by a few feet. Andrea was very angry, because we only had to do 1 lap now I had beaten her 2 times while she had been more than a lap ahead of the first 2 heats.

Just a 30-minute break.

3rd heat
Start went well, altitude running too, no mistakes, but downwind was minimal so I had to float a lot. After the finish we had to wait a long time until the last ones were in and the next start was possible.

4th heat
I was well on the starting line but had to hold back for Ingmar who didn't give me priority (he couldn't have either, but he should) Heat went well otherwise, with some bobbing upwind at times but downwind not very good once.

Pause: to the race office for a protest against Ingmar, forgot to report to the boat.

5The heat
Wind was clearly less, had to tack very often to reach the upper buoy. Then back downwind was just bobbing. Had expected to be more than last, but on the way back we encountered NED-811, on the way to the upper buoy, so we had to wait a long time for the next start. (NED-811 stopped)

6th heat
Without NED-811 I'd obviously be the slowest, but being part of it is more important than winning. Although the wind was clearly more favorable for a Steering Board start, a bakboard start was done. Wind was so minimal that I couldn't even cross the starting line and had to tack to start anyway. After a lot of bobbing and a lot of tacking, the wind increased slightly again and the last 2 rakes went upwind with wonderful speed. After a high-five with Jan lying in the boat at the upper buoy back downwind. Wind decreased slightly, but with quite a few pumps I was able to plan the most. Behind me I saw jan cleaning up the upper buoy. Unfortunately, the wind completely disappeared and I had to float the last part towards the finish. Everyone was already off the water, was really much later than the rest.
Quickly to the side and then to the award ceremony.

I was4thbecome, certainly not bad. A bit embarrassed because Ko was 1st at 65, Imke at 15 2nd and Andrea at 17 years old 3rd.

Was a nice day, a total of 8 starts and 6 valid races, I did not expect in the morning that we could have sailed so long, and certainly after the wind dropped after the first 2 heats I expected that it was really over. In the afternoon it was even nice weather with a clear blue sky.
Remains a fun game that formula. With a real formula board and sail I would certainly have performed better with some training, but you can't have everything. Hopefully next week more wind so we can just slalom on the Scotsman again.

Now wait for the pictures and flicks.


11:15 5 hour Wind: SW
Board: AHD GT 85 - Deboichet R13 S 65cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Viper 75 510cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
  (machine translated in 2023) Set worked quite well, could plan early and run well altitude, speed was not bad either, but could not come along with the Formula boards, especially if the boys / girls had enough experience to get along well with the boards. The real 1 meter wide formula boards run higher / more spacious and also do that faster. Especially with an 11.0 on it. Half wind a bit wide or high does not undertake this set, but the extreme races just don't go.