(machine translated in 2023) Last regional cup 2011
There was increasing wind turning from South to West predicted, so usually that's going to be a weird race with cancelled heats and constant postponement of heats to adapt the course to the changing conditions. In addition, a lot of rain is predicted, so not the nicest conditions. But the fair thing is that everyone suffers from that.

Heat 1
Started at the boat, not really a good start, at 4 seconds over the line, but first. Was also first at the 1st buoy. Gybe by planned and with a large lead on the way to the 2nd buoy, without mistakes sailed out of the track ne with bijn a1 rak lead won the heat:1st.

Heat 2
Started again at the boat, start was better, and from the start again ahead. No mistakes made and again (way too easy)1st.

Heat 3
Started at the boat, good start, over the line within 1 second. Ko was pretty close behind me. Was still first at the first buoy. The gybe through planed and no further mistakes made, Ko looks a little harder on the straight but too often falls silent at a buoy.1st.

Heat 4
Everyone seemed to want to start at the boat, changed tactics last-minute, sailed wide through the field to pin-end to start there: In the start signal, again first away. 3 men close behind me. At the first buoy I was still first, good gybe, the rest fell silent. With a large lead to the 2nd buoy, no mistakes made and won with a large lead, it went too easy again:1st. Ko had fallen at the first buoy.

After 4 heats shortly after each other a half hour break to come and eat something, I looked for Andrea, normally she is so close behind me and I had hardly seen her in the heats. Didn't go all the way to wnes, she was going to grab a bigger board, a very good choice afterwards because she sailed a lot better after that.

Heat 5
Started again from quite high with the surfers who go to the boat for a start and then sail very well to pin-end (with so few participants that is still possible) Again as the first to leave. But again a few surfers a few meters behind me. Relaxed, there is no one who is really very fast so stay calm and do your own thing. Course flawlessly sailed, everything planned.1st.

Heat 6
Another very spacious to pin-end start. Another very tight start, still looking at the boat to see if I was false, but no flag, so sail on. First over the start, first at the first buoy, first over the finish. Too easy.1st

Heat 7
If something works, why change, well to pin-end, was a little late, so rather half-wind sailing so I needed less time to really cross the line, right with Andrea over the line. On board speed just before Andea at the first buoy. I planned through the gybe, Andrea fell silent. All the heat up front:1st

Heat 8
Before the start I already felt that I was starting to get tired, arm and leg muscles started to feel a bit weak, time for a break. Start went very well, maybe almost false, I still looked at the starting boat, but no flag. Andrea is close behind me, but managed to stay ahead of her. At the first buoy I arrived much too high and after the gybe I was still too high, had to bobber a bit downwind to get around the buoy. Andrea had to swerve and also fell silent. I was quickly back in plane and immediately had a lot of lead over the other one. Heat otherwise sailed neatly:1st

Happy break. Just eat and drink well. Ko wasn't too happy, set of leip not good, he went to do something about his trim and found out that his mast foot had been pushed forward. When Ko had set it well, he went a lot faster.

Heat 9
Bad start, I was stuck behind Ko and Andrea so I had no wind at the start, a little 10 seconds late over the line, way too late. Overtake 1 person on the way to the first buoy. I see almost everyone stop at the first buoy. I gybe from high and short around the buoy, planeing on and leaving 3 men behind me at the 1st buoy. 1 more person with a very big lead in front of me, oops I'm going to catch up with them. However, I soon see that he is sailing to buoy 4 instead of 2, so that is immediately out of the race. I sail the heat without mistakes and lie 1 rak ahead when I cross the line:1st.

Heat 10
Another bad start, 3rd over the line, behind Ko and Andrea. As 3rd at the first buoy, Ko planned neatly, Andrea fell silent, I had to swerve and also fell silent. Chased Andrea for the whole heat. In the last rak I was able to catch up, but not enough to overtake her, it was less than half a meter on the finish line, sat next to her:3rd

It was a bit obvious last time, but now it was just embarrassing. I don't belong in the Silverfleet anymore. Won 9 out of 10 heats where I won a lot of heats with 1 rak lead. It is clear that today I1stgot into the silverfleet.
So next year I'll be goldfleet, and then I won't win any more heats for the time being if that's going to work out at all.

I started almost every start of the Goldfleet, on the other side of the boat and I was usually good. Half of the times we sailed to the 1st buoy (only about 10 meters higher) and went to the 2nd buoy, didn't even go that bad, was often within the top 5 direction. Of course, it's a lot easier when you're not in the middle of the field, but it does make you feel good.

After the heats quickly clean up and to the award ceremony of the 2011 Regiocup Zuid.


Present: Hans (Hansie), Jeroen (DonLimas), Ronald (RonVo)

11:15 4.25 hour Wind: S
Board: AHD GT 85 - Deboichet R10 M+ 56cm
Sail: North Warp F2009 8.0 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
  (machine translated in 2023) Setje sailed quite well, although I often found the speed low because I was actually just standing with a too small sail. 8.4 would have been better.