(machine translated in 2023) Big storm and yet short sleeves
3rd weekend in June with good wind forecast, today the wind would increase all afternoon. Still had some chores to do, so only relatively late towards zeeland. Upon arrival, the sky was blue and my car was shaking on the dam. Martijn was already there. He already told me that the just smallest sail was rigging up and surviving: What, it doesn't seem that hard. Quickly put on a suit, without sleeves, it was not cold at all. During rigging it was already good to pay attention with stuff, everything seemed to fly away, there was clearly a strong wind.

AHD Power Wave 253 with Voodoo 3.7
At the block dam, the wind was not too bad. It was high tide, I walked into the surf, I hadn't seen it that high on the brewer's dam for a long time. It was getting on and flying away. Kite, with your 3.7 sailing in short sleeves, that's really special, that never happens. Waves further on were high and steep, usually 1 to 1.5 meters and often very steep, nice to jump, if you dared. Wind was rock and boulder hard with gusts, was just sailing with the sail completely open. In between, it was doable. Board gave good control. Jump, over left with an overpowered 3.7. No, I'd rather not. I wasn't really comfortable either, trapeze lines (28" Pryde) were just too short. Went to the side to add a set of adjustable Point-7 26"-32". With the longer lines it was a lot more relaxed, that I was once able to sail with 18".

We took a break and ate with Martijn and Marleen in the Camper, on the dam it was a small sandstorm and that does not eat well.

When after a while the tide also started to drop and the waves became less extreme, it became a lot of nice sailing and I also started jumping more. A few very high jumps where I already decided in the air that a normal landing was impossible: Bail-out, set loose and drop, we will find that later. Fortunately, that old AHD was not expensive, so if it broke down, it is not a sin.
A jump is still on my mind: Beautiful 1 meter high steep wave, fully powered in it, legs retract and weight backwards. I really only see air in front of me, nose of the board straight up to the sky. I turn my set back before landing and see that I am still easily at about 3 meters and already have my board flat: Oops, let go.

I stopped some time since, the forecast still looked good for the whole weekend, so with 2 days to go of which on Sunday the Scotsman cup. So not wise to sail until you are dead.
Law was heavy, extreme, but a lot of fun. Fat springe made, but especially seen.


Present: Martijn (Volvosurfer)

17:30 3 hour Wind: SW 28/42 kts
Board: AHD Power Wave 253 - Select Wave Warrior 22cm
Sail: North Voodoo 3.7 - North XC65 380cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 150-212