(machine translated in 2023) NK Grevelingendam: Day 2: Course Race
Weather wind forecasts, much more than for yesterday. All day 16 to 18 knots with gusts 22. If I was the race director, I would have chosen slalom. But no, course race again. So I quickly stuck a match number in my 7.5. It might be necessary.
Fortunately not only today, Saskia was also there again and tn also wanted to sail some heats again. Looking at the foam heads on the water, the wind was clearly strong. But because it was sloping offshore, there was nothing to notice on the side (wind still). It was nice on the shore again. Quickly rigged my 7.5 and 9.5, convinced that it would be 7.5, but if the wind picked up, the 9.5 could already be ready.

10:00 skippersmeeting: Notification: 15 to 19 knots measured on the track.. That's not much, I expected 18 to 23. So just take the 9.5. Put on a quick suit and get on the water, first start: 10:30.

Wind was more west, so from the shore could now be sailed to the start (and back) in 1 rak, much finer. On the way to the starting boat I notice that I don't have my start watch with me. Not smart, but not as bad as in a slalom race. On the starter boat was the postponement flag, okay, so quickly back and forth to the side in front of my Watch. The wind was strong, half the wind was barely sailable. Spacious went very well.

Heat 1
Started again over pin-end, which was clearly more favorable. The wind was a lot stronger than yesterday. It was heavy, sail trimmed to the maximum and didn't even heavize all the way out and then run into the waves in height. I was 4th at the 1st buoy. Where did those technos come from so fast today? To the 2nd buoy I caught 1, I really ran a lot harder than the technos. On the way to the 3rd buoy we came close under the shore and there the wind was a bit less, I gybe-too early hoping for more wind on the water. I tried well to the 3rd buoy, but the wind was just a little too little for that and the Technos were already gone from the buoy before I got there, and I didn't see them again. More exciting, where was Saskia, I hadn't seen her at all, she certainly wasn't in front of me. Finished the race, finished somewhere behind about 4 or 5 technos, but1stat the raceboards.

Heat 2
Another pin-end start, wind seemed to have turned and I could only pass just before the starting boat, sword even hit the anchor line, wrong choice. Most technos were at the 1st buoy well earlier. Downwind I was able to catch up with some slower technos, but I really haven't seen the top performers anymore. Walking from buoy 3 height and looking for where Saskia is, was she ahead of me? No, it was only just at buoy 1, okay, it's clearly having a hard time in these strong winds and waves, because other times it was really too fast.
Back towards buoy 2 didn't really work, altitude running was not possible, wind was less and slightly twisted, and together with about 5 technos we went through the middle of the start of the Formulas, I crossed the line 5 seconds before their start and was therefore quite in the way, but fortunately it went well. I really don't understand why they didn't postpone the start. I finish, I'm guessing, behind the same 4 or 5 technos as the first heat. But again1stat the raceboards, Saksia didn't even sail out the heat, just didn't go.

And again during the break the clouds came and the wind decreased, repeat of yesterday?

Heat 3
While sailing to the start, the wind was already clearly less. I started over pin-end again, not smart, had trouble walking height, do I never learn? Towards 1st buoy I was 4th or something, Sakia was over 1st and a few technos in between. Wind was really very little and my sail was still on Max trim.. That didn't really work. Reace sailed pretty well, but couldn't overtake anyone. I think I was 6th in, and if2ndraceboard.

And then the waiting began, waiting for all the Technos and Formulas to be in. There were more and more Formulas that fell silent and sure enough, heat for the Formulas was called off. When all the formulas were gone, it was still waiting. Arriving a boat, with Roel in it, and then turning the track, I think we waited almost 30 to 40 minutes for the water, and it was quite cold. (Grrr)

Heat 4
We were finally allowed again. A bit stiff and tired of the cold started, at the boat, together with Saskia. We walked together towards the 1st buoy. She walked out slowly. How does she do that? I thought she was a little early, I sailed a little far. I saw that Saskia was not going to make it to the buoy and therefore had to tack 1x. I got the buoy with 1x tack, did catch up with Saskia, but she was still ahead. To buoy 2 and then 3 she walked further and further. The Technos couldn't come along, raceboards are really faster if there is no planning. When I was almost back at buoy 2 I see Saskia just standing still and chatting with someone in one of the boats. I still think, that's arrogant.. But he soon saw that there were 2 boats with a flag for shortened race on it. So the finish line was moved.2nd.

It was ample wind, and with little wind back to shore. I saw that the Formulas were gathering for a start, sure, in this wind. That's really not going to work. I step on the chance and high a very low and long rumble, thunderstorm? Surely it won't. Yes, thunderstorms. Everyone is taken off the water and everyone is barely on the side when the thunderstorm is almost above us. Fortunately well done. It begins to pour. Organization gives the notification end of matches, so clean up.

A special day. In the beginning the wind I expected, but according to the race management would not come and in the afternoon showers and hardly any wind. The Technos and Raceboards have again been able to sail 4 heats compared to the 2 for the Formulas. So with a total of 8 heats this weekend we sailed a lot and as a logical I am today1stbecome, more it doesn't really give a victory feeling because I was alone on Saturday and together with Saksia today, ton had registered, but finally did not sail. It was a nice weekend, atmosphere was again very relaxed and cozy, in the mornings it was really super weather and wind, afternoons were clearly less.

And now? Preparing for my first World Cup?


10:15 4.5 hour Wind: W/SW 6/22 kts
Board: Fanatic Ultra Cat - Pro-Limit RS 40cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) In the beginning it was just fine, sail at max trim, height walking was really hard and hard work. But downwind was still relaxed and easy. Later the wind was less and it was with minimal wind and pumps sailing the track.