(machine translated in 2023) Raceboard Training
After missing a beautiful evening yesterday, this afternoon I went out on the water for a few hours to practice / train on my raceboard.
With the World Cup coming up, I really need to train a bit and improve my technique so as not to be completely crazy. So goal today, improve little trim, get more feel for the board. My 2nd point of attention for today, and also in the coming weeks I think: Tack, that takes too long, too unstable, that has to be faster, I can save a lot of time there. Raceboard training, so only the Cat with my 9.5 included, wonderful to take so little with me. Since I really only wanted to train with myself agreed to sail for a maximum of 2 hours, after that you don't learn much more and you will put more strain on your muscles and I want to train them and not demolish them in the run-up to the World Cup. I'm going to try to sail 2 hours more often.

On arrival it rained a little. There was 1 person on the water and Meindert was standing by his car unsure what to do. For me no doubt, tackle, rigging and sailing, beautiful of a racing board, you can sail in just about any conditions.

Fanatic Ultra Cat with R-Type 9.5
Wind was gusty, sometimes almost completely gone. Started with a tour around the islands, briefly sailed into the port of Herkingen. Then a race-you with a Catamaran to the catamaran club, and altitude walk to the boat ramp, nice training lap. A lot of tacking, some nice downwind rakes. Practiced with different foot strap positions. It seems that with a lot of wind the board runs faster in the very back foot straps, it feels a little less stable, but seems faster. I have to measure that with a GPS or a training buddy. Just head over for a sip and a bite. Immediately put a set of adjustable trapeze strings on my boom, more trim possibilities. Wind was gone for a while when I got back on the water, perfect for practicing light weather trim and posture. Running the board on its rail, which should be more efficient and faster, is also getting better. I still have to learn what the best angle is, but I can never find that alone, hopefully I will learn that from someone at the World Cup. Another round between the 2 parts of the island, again along the harbor of Herkingen via Restaurant Meerzicht and again walking high to the Boat Ramp was practice round 2. Last half hour mainly practiced walking at height, to buoys and tacking. My CAT does need new grip, it's not super slippery, but could use a little extra grip.

It's a shame it rained a bit, but it was tasty and educational today. Hopefully some training again tomorrow afternoon.


11:30 2 hour Wind: SW 6/20 kts
Board: Fanatic Ultra Cat - Pro-Limit RS 40cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran well, control, speed, could run well height. Sword seems too big in the hardest gusts, but somewhere to score a hard sword to test. It already works better to run the board upwind on the rails, sailed 2nd hour with longer trapeze lines, that felt better. Board seems to run faster when I use the back foot strap and put my front foot just a little behind those front foot straps. Should I measure with GPS or a training buddy. Tacking is also getting better