(machine translated in 2023) Hardware Raceboard Training
Strong winds were predicted tonight, up to 20 to 25 knots. Martijn and Marleen also went, and rain radar indicated that it would be dry after 6 hours. So a little earlier home, stuff in the car, quick food and to Herkingen.
In Herkingen there was still drizzle a quarter to 7: bah.

Ultra Cat with MX Race 7.5
Because it was so windy the MX Race packed. On the water it was soon clear that the wind was blowing hard, half wind hardly doable, to the wind without a sword, somewhat. With sword was completely out it was impossible, sword a little bit still went out and then I was already walking very high. Ample wind was a delight as always. Once the board has accelerated, take the pressure off the sail, and you can sail quietly. Even gybing at full speed is easy because the pressure is far away.
Wind only increased further. Martijn already sailed around with 5.3. Sail gave even more trim, but that made the sail rattle very hard and was afraid that it would just break. Half wind was no longer going, so only on the wind and downwind. And downwind remained fun, could still have a lot of space full in plane.

Stopped on time, after all it's Monday evening, still needs work. And it was very intense.
It was educational, wind was very strong for a 7.5. With a slalom board this would not have been possible, but with a Raceboard you can still sail with a 7.5. Hopefully we will get a lot of wind with the World Cup, I'm guessing I'll be better at that than in light weather.


Present: Marleen, Martijn (Volvosurfer)

19:00 1.25 hour Wind: SW 18/30 kts
Board: Fanatic Ultra Cat - Mistral OneDesign 33cm
Sail: Power Sails MX Race 7.5 - North Gold 490cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
  (machine translated in 2023) Wow, what a wind, half wind was soon impossible. The wind with the sword out really didn't work. But ample wind, if it was spacious enough, the pressure in the sail decreased and I had all the control. Board stays really calm, no matter how wide I let it go. Cool, super spacious sailing and then just use a gybe. Sail on trimmed past max, not really a success, it's just going to flap very hard.