(machine translated in 2023) Reconnaissance World Cup Location: Medemblik
Saskia had asked via Facebook who wanted to come and train at Medemblik. Oops that is far away, but a perfect opportunity to explore the World Cup location before the circus really goes wild in 2 weeks and there are 400 surfers walking / sailing around.
There was dry weather with a knot or 12 to 15 wind predicts, so traveling super light: Only the CAT and 9.5 included. Equipe needs to be fixed first.
The trip was not too bad, less than 1 hour and 45 minutes.

World Cup Location
The World Cup Location is a very nice large lawn, with a relatively small sandy beach with lines with buoys for the children (hopefully they will get it away for the World Cup, much easier.) The light just south of the Regatta Center. On the other side of the parking space, so with a minute walk or something with you at the buildings of the Regatta Center and the harbor there. The World Cup location is located on a bay with a relatively narrow entrance, on both sides a 1 meter high stone dam. On the north side there are trees and a building, the south side is quite free. On the side there are some tall trees. With West wind like today, there is relatively little wind on the side, and it will be chaos when crossing to get back on the side through the narrow opening.
The lawn is large, but I understand that it is divided into 2 pieces, camping and material storage, and that with almost 400 surfers makes it a very very busy location.
The water, as far as I've been, is deep everywhere. With West wind it is very flat on the side and further on the water I have not seen a chop higher than 20cm.

Fanatic Cat with R-Type 9.5
Had mistakenly put the One Design fin under the Cat, but to test it anyway I went sailing with it. Wasn't disappointing at all. Only had the idea that half wind and planting were clearly worse than with the 40cm. Been on the water 3 times, sailed in and out of the bay a few extra times. Especially bit around sailed to learn orientation on the water, where do you sit approximately when you look to the side. Fortunately, there are many easily recognizable mills, churches and chimneys on the side to orient yourself. Last time we went on the water with the 4 of us, me, Cindy, Saskie and one of the Technos. Once downwind I wanted to walk a bit high to get to Saskia who later came on the water. Was my mast foot stuck. He seems to be stuck under the button. Didn't get any movement in it. Sail loose, didn't help either. So let's go to the side. With the mast foot in the back, the board runs a lot worse height, and is much more tiring. Once on the side, I didn't get any movement in the mast foot. At home, I can loosen it at my leisure, maybe the whole mast rail needs to be removed.
It had been beautiful. Time to pack up and go home.

It was good to have been to Medemblik once, since it was still quiet and therefore easy to find your way around. It will be pretty chaos in 2 weeks. Nice to have been on the water for a while, certainly back to the shore it is a bit of a search where exactly you can sail into the bay and where the wind falls away etc. Useful and very pleasant day.
I do regret that with 2 days of sailing I now have both my raceboards in the garage for maintenance :-(


13:00 2 hour Wind: W 8/16 kts
Board: Fanatic Ultra Cat - Mistral OneDesign 33cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280