Present: Jeroen, Jurjen

12:45 1.25 hour Wind: NW
Board: Mistral Syncro 103 - F2 Stoke 36cm
Sail: North Natural 6.6 - North Platinum(09) 460cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) First time with my Natural 6.6 and Martijn's Syncro 103. Wind was good for this set in the gusts, but in the wind holes it was too little. Had trouble walking tall. Took a relatively long time to find the right trim for the sail. In the end, I don't think it was comfortable, but wind also decreased, so I started rigging bigger.
14:30 1.5 hour Wind: NW
Board: Starboard iSonic 117 - Select S10 43cm
Sail: North Daytona 7.8 - North Platinum(14) 490 - HPL Carbon Race 200-285
  (machine translated in 2023) Set was immediately good, I could always plan, not too big, but not too small either.
Vin usually walked well height, only if the wind was less I could not walk a height.
Set didn't really run loose on the waves, I still have to do something about that.
At the end, the wind died down, and I was tired, time to stop.