Once again Brouwersdam South: nasty chop
Wind would increase in the afternoon. In the morning lots of showers.
On arrival wind was gone, big rain shower just arrived.
After the rain the wind came back.

iSonic 101 with Crossride 6.6 and SLX 36cm
To be a bit more on the safe side, took a bigger fin.
Could get planing directly. On the water some weird chaos chop. Because the wind had turned, waves came from 2 sides. With the 36cm it was not so easy in this chop, went to the beach for a smaller fin: Busca 34cm
Busca was great again, lot more controle, although the chop was not really easy. Wind slowly increased so the 6.6 was getting a bit too big, and with a fast board it wasn't really relaxed sailing.

Single Thruster 99 with Duke 5.9 and Select 21/12cm
This setup worked very well. But the chop was just tricky. Sometimes you could find something nice to jump. And very little waves for riding.

Some heavy rain showers were comming in, so stopped and packed up before it began to rain.
Was nice but remains a tricky spot. Seen a seal. And the dredger also came to bring sand in the bay. Was in the middle of the water that the surfers sailed.

Brouwersdam Zuid

15:45 0.25 hour Wind: N/NW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - Sonntag SL-X 36cm
Sail: North Crossride 6.6 - North Platinum(11) 460 - AL360 E3 Carbon 180-230
  Water was restless, chaos, board ran reasonably loose, but tricky sailing in the chop/waves. Fin could be smaller. Speed was certainly not bad compared to the rest.
16:00 0.5 hour Wind: N/NW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - Busca Slalom 34cm
Sail: North Crossride 6.6 - North Platinum(11) 460 - AL360 E3 Carbon 180-230
  Set worked very good. Water was very rough, waves comming in from 2 sides, so very careful sailing. Wind also increased, making the 6.6 large. Planing gybes were only possible if I could find a flatter piece of water, or a little nice wave to ride of at the end of the gybe.
16:45 1.75 hour Wind: N/NW
Board: JP Single Thruster 99 Pro - Select X1 21cm/K4 Ezzy Asymmetric 2x12cm
Sail: North Duke 5.9 - North Gold 430cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Set was sailing easy, lots of control. Jumping did not go really well, was not easy to find really good wave. Also, the wave were tricky waveriding. Maybe I should have switched to single fin setup to compare, or tried the FSW 102.